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Rose Marie Bly and niece Summer Wells

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Candus Bly is the daughter of Candus Harer and Kenneth "Jim" Bly. There is little more known about her personal life other than she has a younger sister named Rose Marie Bly, she is married to Don Wells, and has four children including three boys and one girl, Summer Wells. Don Wells, Candus Bly, and their children live in the Beech Creek Community of Hawkins County Wisconsin.

Candus' younger sister, Rose Marie Bly, was 21 years old in 2009. She was married to and lived with her husband Christopher Larson near St Croix, Wisconsin. Her and Christopher had 2 daughters, both under the age of two, and by all accounts she was a loving, caring mother. On the afternoon of August 21, 2009 Christopher Larson and Rose Marie Bly went to a local shopping mall and purchased new cell phones. They stopped at a fast food restaurant, and took the food home to eat. At 7:30 that evening Rose Marie told Christopher she was going to drive to nearby Cushing, WI and meet her cousin for karaoke. Around 9 pm she called Christopher and let him know she would be home at midnight. Christopher Larson says he fell asleep that night and when he woke the next morning he discovered his wife never made it home. He called around to friends and family, including the cousin she was supposed to meet the night before, but no one had seen her. He reported her missing that evening. Five days later her car was found 30 miles north of her home, in the parking lot of the Grantsburg post office. Her mother spotted the car, saying she drove by the parking lot everyday, and noted that the car had not been there just 2 hours previously. Little evidence has been found in Rose Marie's case. There is a documented history of domestic violence between Rose and Christopher, with an incident occurring at the beginning of the month she went missing. Rose ended up being arrested in that case, initially placed under arrest for a previous warrant for disorderly conduct, the charges were eventually amended to domestic abuse. Her and Christopher were said to have reconciled before she went missing, however not much is known about their relationship. Candus Bly never got an answer as to what happened to her sister, and soon she'd be asking what happened to another member of her family. June 15, 2021 was a normal day for the Wells' family. Candus Bly reports that her, her mother, and her daughter Summer Wells, were all outside in the front planting flowers. She says her and her mother went inside to wash their hands and she believed her daughter went downstairs to play in the basement. She reports only being gone for "2 minutes" before asking her 3 sons where Summer went. Downstairs, they answered. Candus says she began yelling downstairs to check on Summer, but strangely, received no answer. She said this was not normal and therefore went downstairs to check on her daughter. Summer was nowhere to be found. She enlisted the help of her family to look for Summer, however there was no sign of her anywhere in or outside of the house. Summer's father Don Wells was at work at the time of her disappearance, and learned she was missing when Candus called and informed him she couldn't find her. Candus then called police and an investigation started right away. Police brought K-9s to assist in the search, however no trail of her was found outside of the immediate proximity of the house. This led police, and her family, to believe she had been placed inside of a car and driven away from the house. Both of Summer's parents have taken and passed polygraph tests, however, both of her parents have had trouble with law enforcement; both have been arrested for various crimes including drug possession and domestic violence. It is extremely strange for one member of a family to go missing without a trace, but to have two very close family members go missing with no clues as to where they've gone seems like more than a coincidence. Does Summer and Rose Marie's family have something to do with their disappearances, or is the Bly family the unluckiest family in America?


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