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      Process Service

To put it simply, process service describes the act of a neutral third party delivering legal documents to a party in a law suit. The documents can be related to civil and criminal cases, small claims court, or past judgements. Courts usually require personal service, and for that you should always rely on a professional process server. Our process servers complete dozens of serves every day! We offer a wide selection of time frames and counites we serve; you can even order online, right now! Hit the order now button below and it will take you to our order request page. It's that simple! Attach your documents to your order request, complete payment, and we will have your papers served in no time!

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Mountain Cabin

Standard Service

7-14 Days


Purple Skies

Priority Service

3-7 Days



Rush Service

1-3 Days


Wooden Hut

Same Day Service

Within 24 Hours


If you need a Skip Trace done to locate a more recent address in addition to your process service, click below and check out the prices for our Skip Tracing Services. 

We can also assist with Hard-To-Find individuals or businesses. If previous attempts to locate a subject have failed, let us help you find them today! Click below and check out our Hard-To-Find Individuals Skip Trace and Service packages!

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